Incomplete Love Story

Bedroom: Reclined to the wall in my bedroom, I sat on the cold tiles, looking through the window on the wall opposite to me, I could see the sun rise outside. After a cold night, the daybreak brought glimmers of warmth. I stared into the rising sun, its rays burning my eyes, but I couldn't … Continue reading Incomplete Love Story

Message In The Bottle

I was resting in a hammock, in the shades of some palm trees. Relaxed, enjoying the soothing warmth of the sunshine and the cold air from the sea filled with the scent of salt. The sun has just risen and its heat has been just the perfect. The beach is quiet, it would be starting … Continue reading Message In The Bottle

200 Followers!!! Thank You!!! Promote Your Blog!!!

Oh wow! I’m super happy this morning, in fact, I’m ecstatic! I’ve hit 200 followers, this is incredible!!!! I would really like to thank all of you, you all have always been polite, encouraging, and helpful. THANK YOU so much for taking out time to read, follow, visit, comment,  and like my blog XO. Well, I have never posted an introduction post, … Continue reading 200 Followers!!! Thank You!!! Promote Your Blog!!!