A Monsoon Rain

I sat on the ledge of the building, soaked wet due to the thunderous rain. Drenched thoroughly, waters dripping from my hairs to eyebrows and mixing with my tears before falling hundreds of feet’s to the road. I looked across the rood through a window just few feet below my eye line. There was a … Continue reading A Monsoon Rain


The Coffee Shop

I took a sip of my coffee, looking through the glasses of the coffee shop, I saw few sweepers doing their work and creating a dust cloud with every sweep. “Who plan’s a date on a Sunday that too at fucking 9 AM?” I thought to myself sipping another from my cup of decaf coffee. … Continue reading The Coffee Shop


It was a cold and dusky morning, the environment was gloomy somehow reflecting my emotional state, my brother has been missing since last night. Yesterday, he had a fight with our father because according to our father he is useless. But as far I am concerned, it was because our father, a fisher and a … Continue reading Waiting…