A bullet doesn't know any better, it doesn't discriminate between a terrorist and a child. We relish the ultimate power of a weapon, disdain from the suffering of others. We are more ardent for a piece of land than for other humans. We are more ardent for God than his creation. We claim to be … Continue reading Wars


1000 Followers And #AskAvishek

  Namaste, July 17, 2017, I posted my first blog here, Since then I have never looked and one of the most important reasons for this are you all. You all have always been so kind with your words and encouraging me to write and to improve. Words are not enough to thank you all. … Continue reading 1000 Followers And #AskAvishek

[Guest Writer] Sister From Different Mother – Vartika Mehrotra

Shikha always wanted to be a model, rather top model. But parents’ pressure made her join one of the best institutes in the country. She had been a meritorious student since childhood and now managed to attain a decent score in JEE Main and got selected in one of the most prestigious colleges. She dreamt … Continue reading [Guest Writer] Sister From Different Mother – Vartika Mehrotra