Apocalypse (2/2)

This is a continuation of the story Apocalypse (1/2), So, read it before you read this. Here a link to it… Click


“Some believe it was a biological attack on our nation, while others consider it to be some terrorist attack. Some call it the judgment day and some even claim it to be an alien attack. But, no one knows how this all began. I and my husband decided not to panic and decided to be at home, securing ever entry and wait for all this to over. We were frightened, but we had each other to support each other.

Days passed and we could not see any sign of improvement in the condition, slow the number of the zombies increased and unfortunately we could recognize many of them. After three weeks we started running out of food and we were left with two choices. Either die an inevitable death by hunger or try our luck with zombies.

We came up with a plan, we decide to travel south, it is regularly announced on the emergency wavelength that they have made a military, refugee camp there, but we never had the guts to walk out of our house and now we are left with no choice. My husband attempted to distract the zombies in our driveway and front lawn by playing music in the interior of the home. And while they occur towards the music I had to slip into the garage and drive the car out and wait for him. Only he never came, but his screams did. He sacrificed himself to save me.”, Julie said and break down crying.

Sam shakes his head and whilst cleaning his shotgun said in an uninterested way, “What happened next?”. “I drove for an hour or two when I ran out of fuel. I saw a fire in the woods the sorrow was enough to let go of fear. I walked towards the fire and found you all. Who are you guys?”

“We are the survivors. We fight the dead and kill them. This is my wife Sofie”, he said, pointing a woman in his early thirties and carrying a short-gun and sitting with her back to us looking in the woods for zombies. Sam went on, “That is Mattew and David they are father and son and Mattew is a cop”, he said, pointing at a duo of two people who were burned deep into the forest, I could just get out a shadowy feature in the words where Sam pointed. “And I am Sam”, he completed, extending his hand for a shake. I shake his hand, he was a heavy built man in his late thirty or early fourth.

“We are traveling south, we could require an extra hand to carry firearms. So, if you want you can travel with us.” , Sam said. “I will.”, I replied to scared to travel alone. “Good. Sleep now we will leave early tomorrow it’s being a long day for you.”, Sam said picking up his handgun.

We left early, we traveled to the town on foot so, we could get some fuel for my car. As we were moving through the town checking every corner. Sofie spotted a zombie at a distance. Sam placed his shotgun on him, but as he closed in I realized that was no zombie that was my husband. Only it didn’t much look like him. He was grunting and blood gushing from his neck and his head hanging on the right and his arm twisted at an odd slant. Sam was set to fire at him, but I pushed him aside and moved towards my husband.

I could look in his eyes that he could even recognize me, he still loves me. On seeing me he slowed down and stretch out his hands towards me, I walked closer to him, but before I could realize he grab hold of me and shoved his teeth into my neck. The pain was immense and he was excessively potent for me to grow out of his grasp. All I could see now was his hunger filled eyes. He delved deeper into my skin and slowly I feel the numbness creep into me. I heard a gunshot and my husband fall on the ground and so did I. I could no longer hold my eyes clear.

I woke up by the noise, I could no longer feel anything, I can’t even remember anything, and why am I lying on the ground. I stood up, but my hands feel useless, and my body was covered in a black liquid. I couldn’t straighten my neck, it felt it’s broken and it lay on my shoulder. I saw another body by my side, it was a male badly injured and with what seemed like a gunshot in the head. I belive I could recognize him, but I was not sure. Soon I heard a loud noise at a distance and I ran towards it shouting for help but all I could produce was grunting.


The End


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19 thoughts on “Apocalypse (2/2)

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  2. One always hopes for a happy ending when it comes to zombies… but the truth is there would be no coming back from something like this…

    You like killing your characters… haha… though technically she is still kind of alive or re-alive?… so it is kind of a happy ending… another great story…

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