A bullet doesn’t know any better, it doesn’t discriminate between a terrorist and a child.

We relish the ultimate power of a weapon, disdain from the suffering of others.

We are more ardent for a piece of land than for other humans.

We are more ardent for God than his creation.

We claim to be superior because we were not born in the war-torn country.

And when this superior figure is begged for shelters, they just reply,

“Go back to your country”

How many innocents should die to satisfy the avarice of the few?

There’s no winner or loser in a warfare.

Only the dead survives.


Author’s Note: Syria is in a state of war for seven year’s now. It seems like a never-end war, while the real victim the children and the innocent are the ones who are crushed by the great powers. My greatest worries are how disdain we are from their suffering, how easily we are ready to look away from them. My prayer goes out to them

21 thoughts on “Wars

  1. I feel so much sorrow, resentment, anger, frustration for all the unnecessary wars and killing of innocent people. I am a person of peace. Are you the same, Avishek ? I should think that the vast majority of people are peace loving so look what the fanatics and politicians do for us. Have a great evening, Avishek. I’m going to relax now with a glass of red wine and a movie

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    • Yes sir, I am a peace loving citizen… I too feel that most of us are… But it’s the hunger for power… And it’s greed of the few that makes the other suffer….!! Good Day Sir!!… 😊

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      • You are exactly right, Avishek. Look where Putin’s politics have led his country. I should be the world president and there would be peace. Would you like to be my prime minister ?


  2. Your words captured my anger and frustration towards war mongers! These were my exact thoughts that I couldn’t pen down myself. It’s very, very disturbing!
    Well done, Avishek!

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  3. Political arrogance creates wars. The insane give the means to the insane and the worst of human nature.
    The AK47 and other rifles have killed more people than any weapon of mass destruction, they say a bullet is more humane!

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  4. 😫 it’s sad… Kids don’t know anything they don’t understand anything but they are suffering most 😞 don’t know when all this will change 😞 Aviii it’s seriously nice and touchy poem 🙂


  5. We all know how wars are devastating for people, agriculture, infrastructure and the economy. However, the most painful thing is the human casualties, the humanitarian crisis and above all it’s so inhumane and frustrating to know that help cannot reach them nor can we do something to stop the war. We have such a long history of how war has left ruins and scars yet it still exists and some even increase their military power to prepare for eventual wars. And it’s more heartbreaking when you see these parents and kids struggling fiercely against all odds to find food, shelter and water.

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