I am Sorry….

I am sorry, for killing you before you were even born, because I wanted a boy.

I am sorry, for catcalling you because you had male friends.

I am sorry, for eve-teasing you because I was a pervert.

I am sorry, for grabbing you because I knew I could get away with it.

I am sorry, for stalking you because Bollywood taught us to.

I am sorry, for forcing myself on you because it’s not raping if we were wedded.

I am sorry, for dishonoring you because it sustains me male superiority.

I am sorry, for all the men who tried to sabotage you because I should be.

I am sorry, for remaining quiet when I should have spoken up.

Today I ask for forgiveness which I know I don’t deserve.

Because today I am the father of a girl, and all I want is a better world for her.


Happy Women Day to all the beautiful and strong women out there. You can be whatever you want to, all you need to do is dream.

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