The Young Nation





Hidden below the seats,
With an increased heartbeat.
Stones hit the bus with an ear-deafening sound,
And all of us were dumb-found.
The young nation where children were forced to run for there life,
Because of your nonsensical strife.
The young nation where a fictional character hurts more sentiments than the cries of many innocents.
The young nation with is the highest growing economy and an equally high growing antipathy.
The young nation with which attain its freedom in 1947,
Even so, our minds are beset with the query,
“Are we truly free?”

Author’s Note: On 24/01/2018, a group called Karni Sena (Sena means Army in English, Well, I don’t think they deserve to be called that because that will be shameful for our brave soldiers. So let’s just call them Karni), the self-proclaimed flag bearer of Rajputs, attacked a school-bus to protest a movie Padmavat which is based on a fictional character. I mean really?? It’s insanity. Yes, I am a proud Indian. But I am a concerned Indian. Have we really lost all the sanity? Have we already forgotten this incident? Is this the face of the young nation, we want to see or we just try to shove it under the rug.


25 thoughts on “The Young Nation

    • I know!!! But I think we have lost all the sense of morality!!… I just try to give a piece of my mind…Because I believe it’s my responsibility!! 😊

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    • I really believe some people with power, how can brainwash other’s into doing things which they would never do…

      P. S. I am not much of a fan of rain..!! But I enjoy winters with a cup of tea and my bed!! 😊 😊

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      • Well, Avishek, yesterday I had to go out in the gale force winds and torrential rain. I’m glad of the rain because it’s urgent but I got soaked, twice. Even my passport got wet in my pocket. It was a terrible day and when I got back in the evening, I made hot tea and jumped into bed with a hot water bottle. I’m much better today.


    • I believe that as a writer (Tho I am not that good at it) it’s my responsibility to do so… To write which affects me…!!! 😊 😊
      To present the ugly truth… Because turning away will not solve anything!! 😊 😊

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  1. A very good poem which enlightens your audience on the situation in India. It is sad to note that to defend certain ideologies, innocent people are sacrificed as collateral damage. Happy to see that you feel concerned about the issue as most people would be indifferent. Every people should be to express freely their opinion or idea but definitely NOT in a way that harms the interest of everybody. It is unacceptable and revolting. Good job, you are a true inspiration for every citizen of your country. A single thing, though, I think you hurriedly wrote the title. Should it not read ‘Young’?
    I hope you don’t mind,
    All the best,

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    • I believe India is a complex country, with its diversity and thousands of language and thousands of believes… But It was problems… So, that gives me two choices either to look away… Or try to solve it!!!

      P. S. Thank you so much for your correction… I think in the rush I miss spelled it!!! 😊 😊 😊

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    • Well, when I read about it… I have two choices… Either to look away… Or try to solve it..!! And I believe talking about a problem is the first step towards solving a problem… No matter how painful it might be!! 😊 😊


  2. Love your poem, Avishek, very eloquent and powerful words. Love especially these lines:
    “The young nation where a fictional character hurts
    more sentiments than the cries of many innocents.”

    We are never truly free because our condition as humans limits our freedom. Thus, from the moment we are born we start to walk toward death. All we can do is achieve a higher degree of freedom. India had a failed declaration of independence in 1930, but the recovered freedom came finally in 1947. As you might remember from two poems of mine you liked (When Tomorrow Comes, and Mad, Glad, Sad, I come from Catalonia, a stateless nation oppressed by Spain’s government. We also had a failed declaration of independence on October 10 last year after the referendum of October 1. We were lucky that, even though 1066 citizens were injured by the Spanish police and by the civil guards, in the end nobody died. Instead, there were thousands of deaths in India despite Gandhi’s nonviolent revolution. In Catalonia we are trying to avoid deaths and violent confrontations. For the moment, as you will surely have heard in the news, we have political prisoners and our elected president Carles Puigdemont is exiled in Belgium. Our freedom of expression is becoming more limited day by day. An art exhibition about the political prisoners has been banned. But we must go on. Actually our nonviolent resistance movement finds inspiration in others like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and, of course, Mahatma Gandhi. I believe we have no other choice so we will see what happens in the next weeks, months and 5-10 years. Going back to India and to your beautiful poem I complety agree with Foolchund Saahil’s comment. There are, indeed, many social injustices, violence, poverty and oppression in India, but your wonderful poem can surely inspire other country fellows. Great job!

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    • Well, if we talk about 1947 the death toll was not in thousands more like millions… Due to the greed of British Empire… Manufacture Draught… Mass killing… Slavery… And even British Indian army fought in world war… Even one example latest ignorance I can point out was Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk… There were thousands of Indian soldiers among them but they chose to over look that… And Churchill the Hero, was exactly a great human being… He transported grains from India to there reservoirs for wars while millions die in Kolkata due to Draught… Let me give a example… Average life span of Indian in 1947 was 32… Well, past is past… We have came a long way from that… We are young… And we have problems… Such as Poverty, Corruption to name a few… But I believe with time and energy we will overcome that… We as a writer and artist are responsible to point out the wrong because It’s our responsibility…
      I can see how you present the your thoughts about Catalonia.. And it inspires me…!! Keep doing good stuff…!! 😊 😊 😊

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