Your Friendly Neighbourhood. Amature Writer. Photographer. Adventurer. Stubborn. Straight Forward. Idealist. Atheist. Restless. Funny (At Least I Think I Am Funny). Good at Impressing Kids Below 5. Traveller. Foodie. Yaaron Ka Yaar. Lives Each Day….. :-)

Namaste, my name is Avishek Singh from India. I’m 23 years old. An engineer by profession, but a writer by passion. I’ve been fascinated by reading from an early age, one of the first books which I read was Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. For me, understanding the fantasy world was always easier than understanding the real world.

  • What is my blog about?

My blog is basically a collection of short stories all genres, (however, my favorite is fantasy). Well, that is the plan currently it’s just three stories, but I am working on many other which I will be posting one by one.

I grew up reading short story collection books sometimes as a part of the curriculum and sometimes as a pleasure reading, and the best part of the short story format is you can read it in one go. And my blog is something of that sort, what people would like to read when they are traveling, or waiting for a bus, or just before sleep.

  • Why did I start blogging?

I was never too confident in my writing, to be truthful, I am not even now, but I am ready to give myself a chance and blogging is the first step of my many steps. Blogging link me with a wider audience who can praise and criticize my work, which would help me to develop as a writer. One day I hope to see my name on a cover of my novel.

I was not even aware of this platform, my first short story titled The Final Good-Bye was posted on 17th July and even now a single like and comment just makes me jump. I have a long way to go and I am ready for it. Since my first blog follower, I feel like I got a responsibility to entertain him with my stories.

   3 Things about me:-

  1. I love kids, and they’re far easier to understand than the grown-ups. I surround myself with an army of kids at any family event.
  2. I’m a bit of an introvert, So it’s most probable that I will reply to a text faster than a phone call.
  3. And Finally, I am a certified Engineer and I’m not that bad at it either. But I would prefer my visiting card state, “Engineer-Cum-Writer” (Well, at least someday)


I hope you look around my blog, read some of my short stories  & I wish you enjoy them. And if you are not feed up with me yet, you can find me on : Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Thank You